It is now more important than ever to make the most of the consultation process with your Sustainability Consultant and ensure your house design reaches the required NAThers 7 star minimum energy efficiency rating.

Step 1. Get the experts in energy rating involved.

Send house plans for energy rating assessment to our Belco Group Sustainability Consultants. Why choose us? Because we have been conducting energy ratings since 2009 and are qualified passive house designers who have been achieving 8+ star energy rated homes since 2015.

Step 2.

Initial review. Our Sustainability Consultant will review the house plans and conduct a preliminary energy star rating.

Step 3.

Improve the rating. This step is our consultation period whereby our Sustainability Consultant will provide advice on how to improve the house plan to achieve a 7 star energy rating.

Step 4.

Update the house plan. Belco Group will return the house plan to the builder who then improves the house plan based upon the suggestions offered.

Step 5.

Final certification. The revised house plan is returned to Belco Group and the Sustainability Consultant will produce the final NatHERS Certificate.