Belco Group is a nationally accredited Thermal Performance Assessor producing 7+ star energy ratings in the residential housing market. Cemented in the industry for over a decade, completing over 5,000 ratings in that time, Belco Group knows how to produce fast and cost-efficient 7-star ratings for its customers.
Belco Group works closely with many major volume builders and understands the importance of quick turnaround times and low cost.
We are very capable of completing reports for the volume housing industry and know our customers appreciate our dedication to providing personalised service.

energy ratings explained.

This short video helps explain the process of how a NAThers assessment is conducted and how it can help reduce the heating and cooling costs of your new home or renovation.

energy rating certificate explained.

Feel confident knowing Belco Group is nationally accredited to complete your energy rating. This video shows the advantages of using an accredited Thermal Performance Assessor to complete your energy rating.

frequently asked questions.

What is an energy rating?

An energy rating is a measurement on the efficiency of the house’s thermal performance. Put simply, how the house reacts to the climate. Houses that are well designed using the appropriate materials should keep you warm in winter and cool in summer without the excessive use of heating and cooling. The star rating will indicate its performance.

How long does it take to get a rating?

What is an energy rating?

An energy rating measures the efficiency of a house’s thermal performance. A well designed home uses appropriate materials and should keep you warm in winter and cool in summer without excessive use of heating and cooling. 

How long does it take to get a rating?

The size of the home will depend on how long it takes to complete a 6-star report on the house. For smaller homes it could be a day or two. For larger homes it could take several days.

You should get an energy rating close to the completion of the House plans. Once they are 95% complete, simpy send us the plans for us to assess. In most cases the homes will achieve 6 stars and a report can be published. Sometimes a few minor alterations will be required to achieve 6 stars. In this case you will be notified of the changes before a report is published.

The Victorian Building Authority requires a 6-star energy rating to be conducted on every new home, alteration and addition (Refer to our latest news article for the latest 2022 requirements). The Assessment is to be conducted by a qualified Thermal Performance Assessor.

To get a quote for an energy rating all that is required is a Site plan, Floor plan and Elevations. 

To get an official energy rating we will require:

  • Site Plan
  •  Floor Plans
  •  Elevations
  •  Section

It’s also important for your plans to show window sizes. If the manufacturer of the windows and doors is known then that will also help the star rating.

Do I require and energy rating for an extension or renovation?

If your extension or renovation requires a building permit then you will require a 6 star energy rating or “Deemed To Satisfy” report which we can also provide.

For more tips on making your home energy efficient and to find out the latest requirements in regards to energy ratings, check out our article section.

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