It’s Exciting!!

This is something to get seriously excited about. Years of seeing beautiful images of homes and daydreaming about what your perfect home would look like. You know exactly what you like and what you don’t like.

Now it’s your turn! Its your time to open the scrapbook and get creative. During this time of solitude we have the opportunity to reflect and get excited about designing a home that means the most to you and your loved ones. Creating spaces where we can come together and connect, just the way you like.

Time to research

To get fully up to date with the latest design trends, materials, technology, and hardware you’re going to need some time to research and decide what your home needs to make it unique to your lifestyle. This is not something that takes a couple of hours and it’s certainly not something you want to rush. During the design process you will need to spend some time researching. What better timing than right now, time is on our hands (and soap, ha ha).

Easy to communicate with a Designer

Traditionally before we start the design process with you, we’d love to sit down over a coffee and hear about your dream. Well, we can still do exactly that over the phone or Zoom. All our designs, 3D’s and animated videos can be emailed to you and then we can discuss the design online from your own home. This process can streamline the timelines and get our plans back to you faster than they normally would. You also have as little or as long as you like to think about your design. You will never be rushed into making a decision you may regret.


The design process can take as long as two to twelve months to complete. I can’t predict how long the current isolation measures will be enforced for or how long some businesses will be forced to be closed, but I do know that once we see the other side of this event having your house designed and ready for construction will be excellent timing. The building industry is totally open for business and builders and trades are very eager to build beautiful homes. Make sure your home can be built when you need it to be built. Some builders have waiting lists of up to 12 months, so try to avoid the ques.


The outlay for the design and construction drawings is a very small percentage of your total construction cost for your home. When engaging with a designer you are not committing with a builder. You can choose who the right builder is for your home and when you are ready to invest your money with a builder when the time is right. I can understand that now may be a time for financial uncertainty but I see it as an opportunity to engage with local businesses and invest in our community.

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