Be an early bird.

The first step is to get your Belco Group energy rating assessor involved early in the design process. Our accredited assessors are extensively trained to improve ratings and provide options to get to 7 stars and beyond.

Orientate your home to 7 stars.

We will help you design your home for the local temperate climate, allowing shade and solar access appropriate for the local Geelong and Surfcoast conditions. Repositioning a house plan on the block can make a world of difference to its performance.

Add glaze.

The costs of double and triple glazing has dropped considerably, with many options now available. Window sizing, placement, and shading are important considerations and should suit the local temperate climate.

Get in the zone.

Including more internal doors in your home design, means that NatHERS can be applied more accurately. Places to include doors may be at the end of corridors, the bottom of stairs or to close off occasionally used rooms.

Ratings can improve by increasing the *R value of the wall, floor and ceiling insulation or extending insulation to new areas, such as under the slab, the garage wall and internal walls (especially to unconditioned zones, like laundries and bathrooms). Further, the balance of ventilation and air tightness in your home, and the choice and installation of insulation, can either eliminate or reduce the risk of condensation.

*The R-value measures the insulation batt’s resistance to heat flow, also known as thermal resistance.

Let there be light.

Homes with fewer ceiling penetrations are rewarded with higher ratings. Consider whether you can delete downlights, roof windows and skylights and replace these with options that create continuous ceiling insulation

Colour your way to 7 stars.

Improve your rating by lightening external roof and wall colours. Even a simple adjustment of window frame colours can make a surprising difference. By making these choices early, it will alleviate design changes later on.

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