If anyone is going to know the trends when it comes to style and design, its got to be the folk at Vogue Magazine, right?

Well they have just dropped their home design trends for 2023 and we are pretty impressed with what they consider to be so hot right now! There is a huge shift towards green thinking, sustainability and anti consumerism.


According to Vogue, this one is not just to jump on the bandwagon but is a genuine consideration of a product’s environmental impact, as well as its cultural implications. They implore home owners and designers to ‘instigate change through the way we design, the products we specify, and the how we listen, learn and create’.


 “We’re going to see more focus on the integration of passive energy consumption and general waste and footprint of buildings”. There will be a trend for products created from the lifecycle of other products, repurposing and sourcing as locally as possible.

Smaller Homes.

Yes that is right, Vogue has declared the smaller home as the ‘it girl’ of 2023. Its all about reducing our footprints on the earth and designing with environmental impact in mind. Impressive hey?

Multigenerational Homes.

In an interesting throwback to a bygone era, Vogue declares homes with multi-generational living capacity as a trend gathering momentum. “Average life expectancy is expected to increase from 88 to 115 by 2050, meaning there will be much more emphasis on multi–generational homes,” she explains. “That will really push designers to respond to more nuanced, complex briefs and think about how to address competing demands within an extended family unit.”

Design for Life.

Vogue notes that the last few years have taught us so much about how we experience the world through design. “It’s safe to say we value our homes more than [ever], and this will see an increased focus on life-enhancing design.” From something as simple as more spaces for leisure and quiet time, or more productive home office environments, “the pandemic has given us a greater understanding of our needs, and our homes will need to work harder as a result.”

Wellness Retreat.

In 2023, there will be a greater shift towards mindfulness and how we can incorporate this into our lives through our homes and spaces that we inhabit. As more noise and stress builds in the outside world it’s important that our internal environments stimulate a sense of calm, timelessness and stillness.

Biophilic Design.

We are seeing projects that are very driven by natural light and a feeling of closeness with nature, incorporating the outdoors, indoors.

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