As you may already be aware from our previous blog posts, across the industry, the National Construction Code (NCC) and NatHERS (Nationwide House Energy Rating System) will be upgrading from 6 stars to a 7 star minimum on all new home builds. Understandably, you may have concerns as to how this will impact your upcoming build and also if this means further expenses will be attracted. We will walk you through how you may be able to reduce costs and prepare for the shift in a clever way.

Ensure your house design is designed for a 7 star rating. How?
Here are some tips from the team here at Belco Group:

– Flip or mirror the home, orientate the home for the sun
– Add or remove eaves where necessary
– Reduce the size of windows where possible
– Change the colour scheme of the home, externally and internally
– Add sarking or a roof blanket
– Change the cladding type
– Reduce the footprint of the home
– Reduce the ceiling heights
– Increase insulation or glazing

What does it mean when your home is rated 7 star for energy?

  • It means that your home has an enhanced thermal envelope (orientation, insulation, windows and air-tightness) and this means that your home will maintain a comfortable internal temperature with less reliance on heating and cooling. It also means that your home is filled with natural light, but shaded from harsh sun.
  • When your home undergoes a ‘Whole of Home’ assessment, it means your home is also fitted with energy-efficient appliances. This ensures that your appliances use less energy, keeping greenhouse emission low and your power bills even lower!
  • Your new home is insulated and air tight and this has been validated through an As-built verification assessment. This ensures that your home is built to perform at the same standard it has been designed for. For example, ensuring there are no gaps in insulation.

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